Crime Knows No Discrimination

by concealed campus on 24 October 2012

Yesterday, around 10:40am PDT, the (as some like to refer) “impossible” occurred. Oakland, California is in mourning of a tragic school shooting at their local University, Oikos Christian Medical School. Several resources have claimed six dead and several others claim five. However, all resources are boiling down to one point – the fact that this terrible incident has happened to a religiously-based university.

Why is this occurrence such a shock? Religious universities lack metal detectors and stationed trained enforcement at every building entrance just like public universities do. In every news article I read, I see the word “CHRISTIAN” in all capital letters with every headline…as if Christian-centered facilities were impenetrable. Religiously-affiliated locations are susceptible to all forms of crime that happen in other community locations as well. Even churches can allow concealed carry for the very purpose of precaution in case of incidents like the tragedy at Oikos University. Religious or not, all universities around the nation are prone to crime. It is a dark and unpleasant fact to face, but these problems cannot be helped until we embrace these facts.

Apparently, the suspect is a former nursing student and is now in custody; it’s also unknown whether the student had dropped out or had been expelled. He is described to be an Asian man in his 40’s and police had to request a Korean speaker in order to communicate with him.

It doesn’t matter where you go to school, what religion you study, what color your hair is, what language you speak, or whether or not you applied lipstick before leaving the house… crime is everywhere unlike armed police officials. Crime does not discriminate.


Originally posted by Madison Welch on October 24th, 2012

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